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Covid-19 has changed the way the world works. We have always had strict sanitation polices and now we have worked had to adopt and train our staff in following additional Biosafety protocols, in line with government standards, to keep you safe while minimizing the impact on your dining experience.

  • Here are a few guidleine you can help us with:

  • Entrance- please wait at the entrance to be seated. The entrance is marked with floor stickers to ensure physical distancing between groups while waiting for your table. Please also use the hand sanitizer and sanitizing floor mat provided before entering.

  • Reservations are highly recommended. We have dropped our capacity to below 50%. this means better service for you and better spacing between tables.

  • Our staff wear masks for the entirety of their shift. We ask our customers to arrive with masks on. Once seated, you may remove your mask however, if you are getting up to move around the restaurant, please put it back on. 

  • Smoking- if you are a smoker, we ask you to go down to the poolside to smoke, and not near the entrance of the restaurant.

  • ​Hand sanitizing stations are placed at various points around the restaurant, please use them. 

  • If you need a high chair, please ask. These are kept away in specific storage areas, and are sanitized both before and after use. If would be helpful to let us know before arriving if you need a high chair!

We are cashless! Credit card and Honduran BAC transfers only. Don't worry, you can tip on your credit card and the staff will receive the full amount. We are cashless with our suppliers too! The POS machine is sanitized after every use.



  • All staff temperatures are checked daily and recorded. 

  • Floor stickers are used in the kitchen to ensure as much physical distancing between the staff as possible.

  • We have removed all unnecessary table décor, as well as other things you may need for dining. On arrival we will lay your table and if you require any condiments, please feel free to ask. All condiments, salt, pepper, napkin holder etc. are sanitized between customers.

  • Our suppliers do not enter the building, so there is a very limited number of people allowed in our storage areas. All storage areas and staff areas have ample supplies of hand sanitizer too!

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