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About Oasis

About Us

Established in 2013 to work on a dream we had, Roatan Oasis has been through growth and changes to create a restaurant that is rated as one of the top in the Bay Islands.

When starting out, we had very little experience in the restaurant industry. Our extent was pulling a few pints in pubs and popping open a few beers in one of our favorite island bars (Sundowners). We did have extensive experience on one side of the bar! Armed with that knowledge, we started with a slightly confused concept. Although we wanted to provide budget meals in a  sports bar type environment, our love of higher end ingredients (including lamb and goats cheese) didn't quite fuse with the fusball tables, tv screens and dart board (if you look carefully, you cans till see the outline of the dartboard)

With a dynamic menu, and our fantastic loyal guests and our great team we were able to find our feet after the first year and define our concept to a modern fusion restaurant with a ever changing menu, focusing on fresh, to order food and craft cocktails.


In March 2020, after over 7 years of loyal customers and building a fantastic team, we were forced to close due to Covid-19. With great relief and enthusiasm, we hope to reopen in December 2020! We are excited to say that our very first staff member and head honcho in the kitchen, Gladis, will be rejoining us. She has always been essential in helping bring my ideas to the plate, as well as maintaining the consistency in the kitchen. 


Our family, like the business, grew in the 7 years prior to Covid-19.  You may not see both of us in the restaurant every night, but we are behind the scenes keeping things working and creating new menu items.


We, as a team, strive to deliver a complete dining experience with friendly service, great food and a drinks list with something for everyone! We endeavor to be unique and continue to improve the experience as well as consistently changing our menu to keep things fresh.

Our commitment to the Island

Being on an island with limited infrastructure an resources where all waste remains on the island, small daily decisions can make a difference to the island environment.

Sustainability is incredibly important to us. In both the restaurant and in our lives we adopt as many processes in order to live and run a business sustainably.


EAT (VERY) LOCAL.......Although we do use many imported quality products such as goats cheese, lamb and truffle salt, we combine these with local products. And we take local eating pretty seriously! On site, we have hydroponic systems which supply our kitchens with fresh herbs, and hopefully tomatoes eventually. We also have chickens and quails providing us with eggs. Our property has a range of fruit and vegetables, (fed with compost made from our restaurant vegetable scraps and peelings) which we use whenever possible. We regularly look for other locally made products such as honey and coconut oil.

As a tourist, you can help contribute to keeping Roatan beautiful too. 

  • Bring a refillable water bottle and even small Tupperware for to-go food and grocery bags

  • Take all you sunscreen, shampoo bottle etc home with you when you go

  • Use reef safe sunscreens and bug repellent. Check out locally products such as Aegis

  • Turn off your air conditioning and fans when out of the room

  • Support local businesses that have sustainable practices

We support many of the local charities on the island. Two of the charities close to our heart our Sol International Foundation and Clinica Esperaza. 

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